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What You Need To Pack In Your Emergency Breakdown Kit

What You Need To Pack In Your Emergency Breakdown Kit

The Winter Weather can seriously affect the health of your car, which can leave you exposed to adverse weather conditions, so it’s important to have a fully stocked emergency breakdown kit in your a car for all seasons.

To help you stay safe and well prepared in the event of a breakdown or an emergency in your vehicle we at The London Driving School have put together a list of essentials for your emergency breakdown kit.

Essentials For Your Emergency Breakdown Kit

Jump Start Cables

No matter the age of your car flat or dead batteries can happen, always ensure that you have a set of jump start leads or jump start cables in your emergency breakdown kit as this will help you to get your car started again and on the move with the help of another motorist or the emergency breakdown services.

Two Reflective Warning Signs

Reflective warning signs are a legal requirement in most European countries, you should replace one 45 metres at the back of the car and one at 45 metres at the front of the car. (Note: Never use them on a motorway)

Car Fire Extinguisher

The type of fire extinguisher you get for your car or vehicle depends on the size and will depend on the type of vehicle and what you use it for. For a small private vehicle, it would be recommended that you get a dry powder small dry powder extinguisher.

High-Visibility Jacket

In some European countries especially France and Spain, a high-visibility jacket is required by law. But In actual fact, this could actually save your life as it allows you to be seen by another motorist, so make sure that you have one of these in you Emergency Breakdown Kit.High Visibility Vest - Emergency Breakdown Kit

Torch & Spare Batteries

Should you find yourself broken down at night on a country road with no lights can be quite scary and maybe dangerous, it’s important to have a torch and Spare Batteries in your Emergency Kit for such situations.

Warm Clothes & Blankets

No one wants to drive a car in a thick jack but should you break down and find yourself waiting for the emergency breakdown services late at night or in winter weather conditions it’s important to stay warm make sure that you have a jumpers, waterproof warm jackets, gloves, hats and blankets for you and your passengers to keep warm in freezing temperatures.

Waterproof Boots with Good Grip

It’s important to drive in comfortable footwear, but just as important is to keep a pair of spare waterproof boots with good grip in your car, in case you need to exit your vehicle in heavy snow and slippery conditions, for your own safety.

First Aid Kit

Emergency Breakdown kit - first aid kit

It’s important to have a first aid kit to deal with minor injuries.There is a nation

al standard for first aid provision within motor vehicles, devised by the British Standards Institution (BSI).

A small first aid kit should include sterile cleansing wipes, waterproof plasters in assorted sizes, dressings, scissors, nitrile powder-free gloves and a Revive-Aid resuscitation face shield.


Food & Drink

Food and drink should be considered breakdown kit essentials, with a big flask of hot tea, coffee, hot chocolate or soup high up on the list in winter weather and a bottle of Water for hot days,

It’s also good to have some snacks as well as there is nothing worse than waiting for hours for roadside assistance and feeling hungry.

Road Map/Atlas

Although we live in a time of SAT NAV’s and Google maps modern technology can sometimes go wrong, so it’s always best to have a backup and carry an Atlas in your vehicle.

In-Car Charger or Portable Phone Charger

There is nothing worse than breaking down on a quiet road in the middle of nowhere and your phone is dead so make sure that you have a portable charger.

However, if you break down on a motorway, you will need to locate your nearest emergency SOS phone and use that.


At some point, you might find wheels stuck in thick mud or snow and instead of wait for someone to come and get you out, a purchase of a foldable shovel will literally mean you can literally dig yourself out of the problem.

Ice Scraper & De-icer

It is a legal requirement that your front and rear windows need to be clear of snow and ice before you set off on your journey. Because not all vehicles have heated windows to help speed up this process you should keep an ice Scraper and de-icer in your breakdown emergency kit, especially during the winter.

Empty Fuel Can

Should you find that your car has broken down because you are out of fuel, the simple fix would be to grab your empty Fuel Can and make your way to the petrol and feel your can up ready.

Fuel Can - Emergency Breakdown Kit



It’s important that before driving anywhere and especially in the winter that you have your emergency breakdown kit for those emergency moments. You may also want to take a look at our Pass Plus or Motorway driving courses. We also have a learning centre for tips on driving.

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